Who are we?
The Ormskirk, Preston and Southport Travellers' Association - OPSTA - is the rail user group for West Lancashire's railways using the traditional boundaries described by Preston, Wigan and Liverpool.

We are a non political group that campaigns for the retention, improvement and development of the railway links between Liverpool and Preston via Ormskirk, and from Southport and Kirkby to Manchester via Wigan. 

If you find that we share common aims please join us or follow us here and on twitter @opsta15. Don't hesitate from contacting us with a query, suggestion or feedback.

Open meeting Tuesday 18th February in Burscough starting at 19.30

Doors will be open from 19.00 with tea and coffee served in the back lounge before the meeting starts as there
will be no break.

Please use the contact details to submit questions and other matters you would like to be included in the agenda
even if you cannot attend. 

Venue details: St John the Baptist church hall, School Lane, Burscough, L40 4AE

Located on the left it is a couple of minutes walk past the Hop Vine. It has full disabled access including parking
bays by the entrance door but no other spaces. Other car parking is available behind the Hop Vine or at Tesco’s. It is a short walk from Burscough Bridge station and 15 minutes on foot from Burscough Jct. Lifts back to Ormskirk station if helpful will be arranged on the evening.

Fare Collection -
Rail users can assist by emailing their observations and experiences to opstafare@gmail.com.

Train Timetables from December 2019 - see www.northernrailway.co.uk/travel/timetables  
You are always advised to check online before travel



It is intended to issue an update on our services very soon but firstly OPSTA will hold its next open meeting on Tuesday evening 18th Feb in Burscough (details at bottom left). 

Non members are very welcome to attend. Alternatively please feel free to comment about the services and the following agenda or raise questions you would like answered (through Contact).

On the evening we will cover:

- Position with the Northern franchise: what we know/ don't know about the handover to Operator of Last Resort

- MP update, local authority plans and transport authority strategies:
important context and there will be some actions to be agreed.

- Southport - Manchester
is the service delivery likely to improve in the short term and what are we doing about it, is there more we can do?  
Latest on the Class 769 bi mode trains
What may be done on Manchester congestion: threat and opportunity
May and December timetable changes: what will/ could we get?
Further action?

- Ormskirk - Preston

service performance review

what's on the table with Northern, can we get any more from the
timetable under current operating arrangements?

do we press for a line of route operation, ie Liverpool Ormskirk Preston?

- Kirkby/ Skelmersdale service

in concert with above, do we pursue actively (nb watching brief to date)

- Burscough Curves

if now is the time what do we want and what are we doing about it? position with our MPs and authorities?

- Midge Hall

are we content to be in a holding pattern until next study stage commences?