Who are we?
The Ormskirk, Preston and Southport Travellers' Association - OPSTA - is the rail user group for West Lancashire's railways using the traditional boundaries described by Preston, Wigan and Liverpool.

We are a non political group that campaigns for the retention, improvement and development of the railway links between Liverpool and Preston via Ormskirk, and from Southport and Kirkby to Manchester via Wigan. 

If you find that we share common aims please join us or follow us here and on twitter @opsta15. Don't hesitate from contacting us with a query, suggestion or feedback.

Fare Collection -
Rail users can assist by emailing their observations and experiences to opstafare@gmail.com.

Train Timetables from December 2018 - see www.northernrailway.co.uk/travel/timetables  
You are always advised to check online before travel



Northern Train Issues (30/11/18)

Northern has now reported that it has fully overcome the wheel flat issues created by the 'leaf fall' issue and its unit availability is likely to be below what it requires so you are advised to check before you travel. At the start of the week they say they were 11 units down across their entire network.

This begs the question whether their full complement is sufficient for the number of services they have timetabled - the number of ongoing cancellations and continuous short forming on all of our services indicates they haven't.

As of today we have seen further serious non delivery of service - please consider our SOS page.


Campaigning to Save Our Services

If you use and share our grave concern for the state of services between Ormskirk and Preston, Southport and Wigan, and Kirkby and Wigan then go to our SOS page to see how easily you can get your voice heard.

Route Updates

Preston - Ormskirk (update 27/11/18)

From Monday 26th Northern returned to operating train services again on Preston - Ormskirk save the timetabled replacement bus service (Preston dep 11.26, Ormskirk dep 12.01).

Since Northern very nearly returned to its hourly train schedule in September the service has been dreadful with numerous cancellations and poor punctuality. This has culminated in the crisis situation (in the week 19th-23rd Nov) when Northern made a unilateral decision to close the line completely.

Note the revised December timetable is meant to see a return to the full hourly train service on the Ormskirk line.

OPSTA has been pressing Northern on why the service has been so abysmal in recent weeks and what steps they are taking to improve. Being treated as the lowest priority line is not acceptable. 

OPSTA will meet with Northern on 20th December. We continue to monitor all services. In the Summer the users of the Lakes Line would not accept a full time replacement bus service and now they are promised brand new trains.

Southport – Manchester (update 20/11/18)

OPSTA and Southport Rail Transport Forum met with Northern at the end of October. Not much new to report other than current situation above.

December timetable

(wef 10th) will see the 08.24 Southport departure for Victoria replaced by a 08.17 departure for Piccadilly. In the evening the current 16.18 Piccadilly departure will be extended from Wigan to Southport and is timetabled to call at all stations. The 16.26 Victoria departure will be terminated at Wigan North Western.