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    Counts and Surveys

    Passenger counts were undertaken regularly until 2018 when the major timetable revision was due with the introduction of an hourly service.

    OPSTA has recently resumed counts and will be conducting full counts during w/c 29th April.

    Preston-Ormskirk Passenger Survey April/May 2019 (All Services)

    Its purpose is to produce a comprehensive and objective analysis of travel patterns and journey
    requirements and obtain passenger feedback on how services need to be improved.

    The research involves completion of a 7 question survey form that needs single word or tick box answers, by as many passengers as possible on a single day of midweek services – this will take place on Thursday May 2nd, with an initial trial run on Monday 29th April.

    Although we already receive and use feedback from our members and associates, and through a number of channels OPSTA considers it very important to understand the travel requirements, issues and opinions of as many service users as possible, which is why we are also making the survey form available here for completion and submission by email.

    Why is my input important? It is also an opportunity to give your feedback on what OPSTA does especially where you think we get it wrong or should be doing things differently.

    It was through our efforts and evidence based approach that we have the hourly service now, which was not in the Train Service  requirement for this franchise when it was put out to tender.

    What happens to the data collected? It will be analysed and the findings will be published however OPSTA promises that all
    individual survey responses remain confidential (unless the participant directs otherwise).

    Thank you for reading this and it will be very much appreciated should you decide to take part.