Save Our Services

    Make your voice heard and write one e mail or letter to your MP (see contact details below), which you can copy to a number of parties should you wish.

    OPSTA keeps all of our local MPs briefed on issues with our services and works closely with them in our efforts to get the right services into Manchester.

    OPSTA will continue to work with Arriva Rail North (Northern) and all transport authorities in a constructive, positive and assertive manner to get the services we need and those operator promised to deliver.

    However, the worsening level of performance and unjustified and unfair total shutdown of the Ormskirk – Preston line for 9 days from 16th to 24th November means an escalation is required.

    We believe the most effective action now is for passengers (and business) to write to their local MP requesting they intervene and take steps to make the rail operator Northern accountable for an acceptable service delivery.

    You can use or amend the following text if it helps: 

    I/ My household use and depend on the [e.g. Ormskirk-Preston, Manchester]
    service to reach [my place of work/ education/ for hospital appointments/ for
    business/ to visit family/friends/ leisure]. I/we do not have access to a car
    or alternative public transport.

    You will be aware of how poor the service has been throughout 2018 and
    became much worse since May. It remains completely unreliable with either very
    poor punctuality or cancellations and on some days has been non-existent.

    These issues have made life very difficult for me/us [exemplify if you
    wish] and I am gravely concerned that there are no signs of it improving, in
    fact it is getting worse.

    Will you intervene in any way that will help and make the train operator
    and those responsible for managing rail transport deliver the services reliably
    with suitable trains.


    When sending to your MP please include your full address on any letters and at least your post code on e mail. 

    You may wish to send a copy to your local councillor.

    You may wish to send a copy of email to Northern and this is the address they request we use for raising such matters:

    If you are sending an e mail will you blind copy (bcc) We will use this to track numbers of responses and comments, and if you wish to keep you informed but we will not forward or attribute your identity and contact details in anything we do.

    MP Contacts:-

    Seema Kennedy MP for South Ribble: or in writing to: 3
    Church Row Chambers, Longton, Preston PR4 5PN

    Rosie Cooper MP for West Lancs: or in writing to:
    Suite 108, Malthouse Business Centre, 48 Southport Road, Ormskirk, L39 1QR

    Damien Moore MP for Southport: or in writing to: 4 Post Office
    Avenue, Southport PR9 0US

    Lisa Nandy MP for Wigan: or in writing to:
    2nd Floor, Wigan Investment Centre, Waterside Drive, Wigan, WN3 5BA

    Bill Esterson MP for Sefton Central:
    or in writing to: 39 Sefton Lane Industrial Estate, Maghull, Liverpool, L31 8BX