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    First you may wish to read this document (text repeated below) and this summarised timetable for explanation and illustration of the service changes that will come into effect next year. Please also see Home page and Go to Piccadilly pages for the latest on Southport - Manchester rail services campaign.

    The franchise commitments and rail industry plans for the North of England are centred on major service changes being implemented in May 2018 following completion of the Ordsall Chord and a number of electrification programmes.

    The rail operator, Northern has commenced an industry consultation on its service proposition to operate from May next year when these
    major franchise changes are planned. Although it is not a public consultation, Northern accepted that we should seek passengers’  feedback which they will consider if collated into a single response by us.

    It may not be possible to achieve significant changes to the May 2018 timetable but, in keeping with the commitment secured by the campaign team and our MPs in a meeting held in Westminster with the Rail Minister, Northern will also work with us on a business case for further improvements to the proposed timetable.

    Our aim is retention of a full 7 day direct service to the south side of Manchester and the best possible services to Manchester starting from a losing out position (read more).
    Hence as users of the Manchester services, we need your views and the travel requirements of your household to inform the consultation and provide hard evidence to support a business case.

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    Northern May 2018 timetable proposal for Southport Manchester services

    Arriva Rail North (Northern) has issued detailed timetables for the services it proposes to offer from May 2018. Read a summarised timetable

    The proposals cover ‘weekdays’ (which now means Monday to Saturday), and Sundays.  So far as stations on the line between Southport and central Manchester are concerned what is on offer from Northern is:

    - A weekday hourly service that runs from Stalybridge to Victoria, Bolton, Wigan (North Western), Bolton, Piccadilly, Alderley Edge, and then back again.  This maintains direct service to Piccadilly from Wigan, Hindley, Westhoughton and Bolton but does not extend to Southport. It makes use of one of the four hourly paths Northern has been allocated along the Bolton to Salford Crescent corridor (See diagram A).  The last weekday train for Manchester Piccadilly will leave Hindley at 1850 and the last train calling at Westhoughton and Hindley will leave Piccadilly at 1917.

    - A Sunday service from Wigan with all trains calling at Hindley and Westhoughton heading towards Manchester Victoria.  The last train
    into Manchester will leave Hindley at 2225 and the last train calling at Westhoughton and Hindley will leave Piccadilly at 2220.

    - A weekday only commuter service that runs from Southport, through Wigan and Bolton on to Piccadilly.  There would be two trains running inbound in the morning (at 0617 and 0717 from Southport) and two outbound trains in the late afternoon (at 1715 and 1815 from
    Piccadilly).  The inbound services would stop at Deansgate but the outbound services would not
    (See diagram A).

    - A weekday hourly service that runs from Southport, via Wigan, Manchester Victoria, Rochdale and Burnley to Blackburn, and a weekday hour service that runs from Southport, via Wigan, Manchester Victoria, Rochdale and Dewsbury to Leeds.  These services would alternate.  This would use existing diesel trains.  (See diagram B.)

    - Sunday services would see no links to Piccadilly for Hindley and Westhoughton, and all Southport trains would go to and from Blackburn not Yorkshire.

    There is no proposal to maintain the direct airport service.